Wide choice of sensors

Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor
Leaf Wetness Sensor
Wind – 2D ultrasonic anemometer

Ultra-low power consumption

Solar panel with internal supercapacitor-based energy storage. 


Over LoRaWAN (free of charge) or NB-IoT. Climagro systems have built-in GPS and other modules for positioning, motion detection, real-time clock, and protection against theft.


Our rugged monitoring systems are built to work in harsh environments. Durable, fully customizable and modern design allows applications in various environments, from meteorology to smart cities.

Easy to use

Climagro monitoring system is versatile, modular and easy to use. Simple disassembly of air temperature and relative humidity probe allows in-laboratory calibration.

Compatible with Nimbus™ cloud-based software

NIMBUS combines monitoring system and data management into one platform that enables CLIMAGRO users to understand and act upon the collected data.

Typical applications

CLIMAGRO system can be used in:

  • precision agriculture,
  • meteorology, hydrology and geology,
  • air quality and smart cities,
  • industry,
  • science and research,
  • outdoor activities.

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